Volcom - Across America

Holy Stokes U.S. Tour

As seen in issue #148, Volcom's team of Holy Stokers hit the open road for last year's Wild In The Parks series. The resulting footage will leave you feeling spiritually intoxicated (per the mind of Remy Stratton). Beware of false stoke: Volcom brings you the truth. Get Holy Stokes here!
Featuring David Gonzalez, Alex Midler, Axel Cruysberghs, Ryan Sheckler, Chris Pfanner, Dane Burman, Jordan Trahan, Louie Lopez, Daan Van Der Linden, Grant Taylor, Arto Saari, Collin Provost, CJ Collins, Pedro Barros, Alec Majerus, Omar Hassan, Jake Smith, Milton Martinez, and Jackson Pilz.