Tom Rohrer

'Tall Order' part


Tom Rohrer resides in Van Nuys, California, and he can frequently be found skating at JKwon as early as 7:00 A.M. on any given Sunday. Don't let his fierce bag of tricks scare you—he's one of the friendliest people you will ever come across. Rohrer's roar is louder than his bite.


Early morning Jkwon sessions, Los Angeles, CA. PHOTO: SEAN MICHON



I was born in North Dakota. I moved around a lot and was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have now been in LA for over 7 years.


Ethnicity/Family Heritage: 

Caucasian (Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, German).



I have the most amazing older sister. She's the reason I started taking care of myself and eating better and has always kept me in check in a thoughtful and positive way.



Wow. There's a lot, haha. Camping, Hiking, BBQing, Bocce Ball, Mini Golf, Cards Against Humanity, Graphic Design, Lady Time—literally anything fun with a rad group of people


Favorite skater:

This always changes! Growing up: Kenny Anderson. Today: Nate Broussard, Jonathan Ettman, Chris Colbourn, Brad Cromer… I can't choose!


Favorite photographer:

Gonna have to go with my boys here. Sean Michon, Andy Wissman, Buddy Bleckley. They never fail to impress me.


Favorite filmer or video:

Filmer - Elliott Vecchia! Video - Fuck A Bitch and Fuck You Too (by BLOX Skateshop). Trust...


Favorite word:



Least favorite word:



Best time of day:

Early morning.


Ollie over to backside 50/50, Tucson, AZ. 3-day skate/camping trip to Arizona filming for Elliott Vecchia's DROUGHT video (soon to come). PHOTO: BUDDY BLECKLEY

Heelflip, Los Angeles, CA. PHOTO: JACOB MESSEX 


Worst time of day:

When it's almost dark and you're still trying a trick.


What gets you hyped?



What bums you out?

OCD stuff, little things that shouldn't.


A useless talent you have:

I can whistle like a bird/blowing whistle.


Your biggest vice:

Burritos, burritos, burritos.


Favorite sound or noise:

Spring birds in Minnesota.


Favorite curse word:



Favorite trick to do:

Varial Heel.


Favorite trick to watch:

Frontside flip.


if not skateboarding, which profession would you like to attempt?

Graphic Design/Social Media.


Which profession would you not like to attempt?



The moment you knew you were a skateboarder:

The moment I got one. Finally found what I didn't know I was searching for...


Best book you ever read:

The Omnivore's Dilemma.


A place you want to go:

All over Europe.


Backside Tailslide Pop-out, Pasadena, CA.
"I thought about this on the way to the spot and wasn't sure how it would be to pop over but it ended up being the quickest clip I filmed in the part [laughs], this guy was hassling us so I just fully committed and got it in a couple tries, then we booked it!" PHOTO: ANDY WISSMAN


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