Jonathon Reese

The Lair Video


Minnesota's 3rd Lair shop received the top honors in 2015's adidas Skate Copa contest and were recognized as "The Most Copious" shop team in issue #144. If you're thinking, "Well, that was 2015. What have they done for me lately?" just peep Jonathan Reese's part from their new full-length, The Lair Video, and prepare to have your 3rd eye pop out of its socket.


The Lair Video is filmed/edited by Mitch Guth and also features skating by:
Ty Stigney
Henry Gartland
Tyler Thomas
Andrew Leibman
Jack Olson
Timmy Johnson
Dan Coe
Tanner Vanvark
Jack Lunt
Corey Millett
Gregg Clover
Cody Davis


Order the DVD now from 3rd Lair.