Skateboarding backwards, forward.


Making a creative skateboard video in this day and age can be a daunting task. It’s not hard to fall into the same old clichés, and with the freak flag being fully embraced by skateboarders it can be difficult to create something that stands out from the pack. Kyle Richner took that challenge in stride, and with the help of his friend (skater) Sean Donnelly he did things completely backwards, literally. Kyle and Sean undertook the painstaking chore of trying to film skateboarding backwards in a fashion that would look as close to normal as possible when edited in reverse, creating the illusion that the skater was moving in a forward motion. In the end, their efforts paid off, and any skater can appreciate the skill it must have taken to accomplish this awkward task, smoothly. Now let's see it with someone's trucks set up in reverse!