Yes, we encourage user contributions as a way to provide a stage for skateboarders to promote themselves and share with the skateboarding community. We’re looking for great skating and filming that has never been seen or used before. If you think you got what it takes, we’d love to see a preview.

How to submit a preview:

  1. Read the guidelines for Mag Minutes and Rip Clips below.
  2. E-mail us a PRIVATE video link to preview the video on YouTube or Vimeo. Videos can be made private or password protected in your YouTube or Vimeo settings.
  3. Remember to include filmer and editor credits so everyone is hyped!
  4. We receive a large number of submissions so please be patient. If your preview makes the cut we will respond requesting a hi-res download and give you export settings.

Mag Minute Guidelines

Mag Minutes are 1:15 to 3:00 minutes of skating edited to music.

These should be edited down to your best tricks rather then every clip you have. It’s better to have one minute of quality hammers then three minutes of sloppy seconds.

Allow six seconds of black space at the beginning of the video with music fading in, and four seconds at the end with music fading out so we can add the Mag Minute graphics.

Rip Clip Guidlines

Rip Clips are between six and twelve clips of single tricks or lines—no music.

Please include a selection of just your best twelve clips.


Please Email all submissions to: with a subject line that reads: “Submissions.”