Gonzo & Little Chris

"Soggy" Video

Ladies and gentlemen, Soggy is here and there is A LOT to absorb. The latest from Grant Levy (Del Zorcho; Brainfreeze) is chockful of personality and heavy skating. Case in point: allow us to introduce "Gonzo" and "Little Chris." 


Grant Levy's Soggy features Jerry Gurney, Chris Gregson, Collin Provost, Little Chris, Gonzo Hernandez, Julian Heller, Abbas Ochoa, Chris Russell, Jarren Duke, Mason Merlino, Frak Shaw, Kenny Kamashian, Chris Cope, Canyon Kelly, Jojo Heffington, Justin Felix, Landon Belcher, Taylor Kirby, Taylor Smith, Antoine Asselin, Grant Levy, Joey Dolin, JT Aultz, Seth Sanders, Ted McCourt, John Demar, Skatin' Steve, and Greg Z.