From Issue 155

The new Santa Cruz full-length is out now. Download "Right To Exist" on iTunes here!



Text: Dave Swift

Photos: Eric Palozzolo


As skateboarders we all know that the best and most influential marketing tool a brand has is its team of sponsored and professional skateboarders. Putting these guys in front of a camera and letting them do their thing and making a video has been selling skateboards for the last thirty something years. When Santa Cruz skateboards released its full-length video Streets On Fire in 1989 it helped propel the brand as a worldwide top seller. Everywhere you looked you’d see Jason Jessee, Corey O’Brien, Jeff Kendall, and Natas Kaupas decks—shit, I remember working at a shop at the time and selling Natas Panther decks five-to-one over any other deck on the wall.


Since Streets, Santa Cruz has released nine more full-length videos but none since 2007’s V-Day—it’s been a long wait to say the least. The release of Right To Exist in December 2016 marks a return to form, paying tribute to the brand’s long legacy while still showcasing the rise of “The Cruz”’s young and highly-talented cast of diverse skateboarders.


For the last couple years SCS has been revamping their team with solid names like Tom Asta andTom Remillard; giving the Pro nod to Blake Johnson and Josh Borden; realizing the progressive Am talent of Erick Winkowski, Dylan Williams, Kevin Braun, Mike Curtis, and Tristan Rennie; and never forgetting the veteran presence of longtime riders Jason Jessee, Eric Dressen, Tom Knox, Steve Alba, and Emmanuel Guzman. It was evident that the time had come to make a full-length and Right To Exist has blessed us with its unveiling. All hail the Dot!



Santa Cruz Know Your Right TSM 155

Emmanuel Guzman, backside flip. San Francisco, California.


Santa Cruz Know Your Right TSM 155

Eric Dressen, frontside grind nose grab. Sacramento, California. Erick Winkowski, invert. San Francisco, California.


Santa Cruz Know Your Right TSM 155

 Josh Borden, no comply tailslide. Louisville, Kentucky. Jason Jessee, alley oop backside air. Santa Cruz, California.


Santa Cruz Know Your Right TSM 155

Kevin Braun, switch frontside flip. The Bronx, New York. Blake Johnson, Smith grind. Venice, California.


Santa Cruz Know Your Right TSM 155

 Tom Knox, frontside wallride. Visalia, California. Tom Asta, switch heel backside tailslide. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Santa Cruz Know Your Right TSM 155

Tom Remillard, melon grab to wallride. Glory Hole, California. 


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