Pooling Around

Nude Bowl

Featuring: Peter Hewitt, Al Partanen, Julz Lynn, CJ Collins, Brad McClain, Chris Gregson, Mason Merlino, Stu Graham, Adam Hopkins and more.

Text: Dave Swift


The Nude Bowl was originally a nudist colony from the 1950s to the early 1970s called “Desert Gardens Ranch” in Desert Hot Springs, California. The nudist colony was abandoned at some point in the 1979s, and skaters rediscovered the left-hand kidney around 1984. Heavy sessioning began after the Santa Cruz video Wheels of Fire had footage of Rick “Spidey” Demontrond and Steve Alba skating the semi-secret desert gem. Soon after, anyone who skated and had transportation worthy of an unpaved desert road could be found skating what is now known as the Nude Bowl.

     The next phase of this famous pool had generator parties and skateboarding hand-in-hand at the Nude Bowl. Hundreds of party revelers and a couple dozen skateboarders frequented the bowl throughout most of the 1990s. But after a fire burned down the hillside and threatened houses below, the pool was buried. ­­

     The Nude Bowl was unburied after an upstart media company called Blue Torch shelled out cash for a blowout party that featured bands and multiple kegs. The party turned bad when a punker vs jock fight broke out and four people were stabbed. One nearly died and not long after the bowl was buried again. There were rumors of the face wall being demolished and the Nude Bowl laid dormant for fifteen years until Rodney Rodrigues, Jeremiah Risk (rumored to be the guy who originally discovered The Nude Bowl), and a few others spent two nights with a backhoe digging out dirt and debris. 

     New rumors pop up daily about this famous pool’s demise, but the only real way to find out is to locate it and find out for yourself. You could end up standing on a pile of dirt instead of skating this legendary gem.