Peacock's Top 10

Pooling Around

Peacock's Top Ten Pooling Around moments is the very best of the backyard from a man who definitely knows how to pick 'em. 
Featuring Dalton Dern, David Gravette, Omar Hassan, Kevin Kowalski, Cody Lockwood, Italo Penarrubia, Ben Raybourn, Shaun Ross, Chris Russell, and Josh "Skreech" Sandoval. Check out the new batch of Pooling Around shirts, now available in the store!
Josh 'Peacock', Box Grinder 2016  PHOTO: SWIFT
Josh Henderson, aka ‘Peacock,’ started skateboarding when he was seven years old and his passion for skateboarding soon evolved into documenting and making short videos with his friends around Northern/Central California. When the Great Recession hit, The New York Times did a story about Peacock’s skating in foreclosed houses’ backyard pools, which lead to other news outlets becoming interested in what he was doing. Next he was approached by Brian Alexander of Fuel TV who wanted to do a documentary centered around him, but instead ended up taking Peacock under his wing, teaching him much of what he now knows about filmmaking today. He’s since filmed part of the SXSW award winning “Dragon Slayer” while landing himself a position at The Skateboard Mag, affording him the freedom to continue doing what he does best.