Valley Center, CA

Nestled up in the hills of North San Diego County is a little town called Valley Center, not the type of place where you’d imagine a flourishing skateboard scene. That being said, the skateboard community in this town is actually quite proactive because of residents like Marc Hertenstein (who got the city behind skateboarding and got a piece of land to build Valley Center Skate Spot on) and Terah making things happen.

Terah originally had a backyard bowl in Vista, California, years prior that was sessioned heavily by him and his friends until its demise. I’m told it was a pretty rugged bowl that made simple grinds seem like hard tricks. When he moved up to Valley Center, plans were drawn up for Terah II and, with the help of Kyle Gallagher, it soon became a reality. 

Brick coping, a rock extension, a couple of friendly labs, some old cars, a BBQ, and a mountainous landscape is what you’ll find in Terah’s backyard. That is, until skaters show up and the ripping begins. Terah is not a contact in everyone’s phones so generally there are only a lucky handful that make it up the curvy mountain road and get to ride, but that’s probably a good thing. Terah II is Made To Skate shredding at its best.


Video features Willy Lara, Alan Young, Chris Russell, Alex Perelson, PLG, Brad McClain, Mason Merlino, Dalton Dern, Ben Hatchell, and Eddie Moreno.