Mason Merlino

Mag Minute

Mason Merlino has a very bright future, as you can see from his Mag Minute. But what would he really like to "tackle"? Fishing.  


Name: Mason Merlino
Born/Raised: Roseburg, Oregon
Ethnicity/Family Heritage: Italian
Siblings? Four sisters 
Interests/Hobbies: Skateboarding, Fishing.
Favorite skater: Emmanuel Guzman/Peter Hewitt 
Favorite photographer: Bryce Kanights/Dave Swift/Doug Chug
Favorite filmer: Peacock/Jon Holland/Daniel Evans 
Favorite word: Beer
Least favorite word: Broke 
Best time of day: Noon 
Worst: Earlier than noon
What gets you hyped?: Skating with the boys
What bums you out?: Looking at Jerry Gurney's greasy face
A useless talent you have: "Super Smash Bros." 
Favorite sound or noise: Beer cracking 
Trick to do: Front blunt
Trick to watch: Inverts
If not skateboarding, which profession would you like to attempt?: Fishing 
What profession would you not like to attempt?: Football
The moment you knew you were a skateboarder: First complete 
A place you want to go: Japan