Brad McClain

Mag Minute

I’ve been shooting with Brad McClain for about eight years now. I remember the first day taking him around to Fresno he was blasting four-foot stalefish airs in the second pool we hit that day. I was blown away and asked him how many pools he had ridden and he said those were his first ones. Needless to say he is a natural when it comes to tight transition. The difference between Brad and a lot of other transition skaters is Brad's ability to put together lines doing back-to-back tricks on every wall of the pool. He can blast an air in the deep straight into a backside tail on a side wall, then grind the shallow end and head straight back into the deep and do another big-air type trick. That shit is rare. Brad is one of a kind. —Peacock


Brad McClain portrait by Dave Swift


Name: Brad McClain  Born/Raised: Livermore, CA  Ethnicity/Family Heritage: White  Siblings? Older brother and sister  Interests/Hobbies: Guitar, fishing, driving/road trips  Favorite skater: Changes all the time  Favorite photographer: One of those Nat Geo dudes  Favorite filmer or video: Spielberg  Favorite word: Yes  Least favorite word: No  Best time of day: Golden hour  Worst time of day: Mid day  What gets you hyped? Golden hour  What bums you out? Mid day  A useless talent you have: Is it really a talent if it's useless?  Favorite sound or noise: Guitar  Favorite curse word: Shit  Favorite trick to do: FS smith grind  Favorite trick to watch: Lien air  if not skateboarding - what profession would you like to attempt? Chef  What profession would you not like to attempt? Toilet cleaner  The moment you knew you were a skateboarder: The moment I saw a scooter  Best book you ever read: Haven't read it yet  A place you want to go: That one pool


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Brad McClain Backside Lipslide, PHX. photo by Dave Swift


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