Leo Bodelazzi

Meet Leonardo Bodelazzi—a nature loving, nollie crook appreciating, sea listening, soda drinker from Brazil. His Mag Minute will have you shouting, "Homies!" 


Name: Leonardo Bodelazzi

Born/Raised: Santo André, Brazil

Ethnicity/Family Heritage: Brazilian Latin American 

Siblings: Two brothers and one sister

Interests/Hobbies: Contact with nature, swimming, the beach, Netflix and chill

Favorite skater: Tiago Lemos

Favorite photographer: Allan Carvalho 

Favorite filmer or video: Alien Workshop Mind Field

Favorite word: Homies 

Least favorite word: No

Best time of day: Food time

What gets you hyped?  Watch the OG skaters 

What bums you out? Slippery griptape 

A useless talent you have: Jump the subway ratchet without anyone seeing me

Your biggest vice: Soda

Favorite sound or noise: The sound of the sea

Curse word: Goddammit

Trick to do: Fakie front crook

Trick to watch: A long nollie crook 

If not skateboarding, which profession would you like to attempt? Gas station attendant 

The moment you knew you were a skateboarder: The first time I stepped on it

Best book you ever read: Bible

A place you want to go: Perth, Australia