John Dilo

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John Dilorenzo has a thing for making it weird. This funky Floridian thrives on skating the spot less traveled, and his Mag Minute is packed with the unexpected. For more Dilo, check out his interview and his "Summer Of Manuals" video on The Berrics


Name: John Dilo  Stance: Regular  Age: 22  Born/Raised: Florida  Resides: Los Angeles  Ethnicity/Family Heritage: Just a simple white boy  Siblings? 3 brothers, 1 sister  Interests/Hobbies: Drawing, writing, obsessing skateboarding and its process  Favorite skater: Forever changing, Ryan Lay as of late  Favorite photographer: Jake Darwen  Favorite filmer or video: David Stoessel  Favorite word: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis  Least favorite word: Squirt  Best time of day: Tomarrow  Worst time of day: Rush hour  What gets you hyped? Homies, Sunshine, flatground  What bums you out? Lagging, overcast, pitty parties  A useless talent you have: Breaking boards  Your biggest vice: females  Favorite sound or noise: Silence is golden  Favorite curse word: Crap  Favorite trick to do: Kickflip  Favorite trick to watch: Kickflip  if not skateboarding - what profession would you like to attempt? Open up a skateshop  What profession would you not like to attempt? Open up a skateshop  The moment you knew you were a skateboarder: When i was no longer understood  Best book you ever read: 50 reasons why your awesome  A place you want to go: Anywhere but home



Cliché, adidas, Altamont, Venture, Spitfire, MOB, Andalé, FLDZ, Software


Austyn Gillette for The Skateboard Mag



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