Gavin Hartman

Mag Minute

Gavin Hartman is an invert-loving Texan—he puts his hand on the coping at every available opportunity in this Mag Minute.


Name: Gavin Hartman  Born/Raised: Austin, TX  Stance: Regular  Ethnicity/Family Heritage: white Siblings? 3 brothers and 2 sisters  Interests/Hobbies: Shredding, gaming, eating, cooking, tech stuff, music  Favorite skater: Jeremy Klein  Favorite photographer: Alex Frank  Favorite filmer or video: Pstone!  Favorite word: hyphy  Least favorite word: yolo  Best time of day: not mornings  Worst time of day: mornings  What gets you hyped? Video games and a bowl of pasta  What bums you out? Trump  A useless talent you have: pushing people's buttons  Your biggest vice: cheese  Favorite sound or noise: trucks against pool coping  Favorite curse word: dild  Favorite trick to do: sweepers  Favorite trick to watch: any stalled invert  if not skateboarding - what profession would you like to attempt? running a biz  if not skateboarding - what profession would you not like to attempt? fast food or retail  The moment you knew you were a skateboarder: The first day I put skateboarding before everything else.  Best book you ever read: Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art  A place you want to go: Japan Sponsors: No Comply Skateshop, Pugsly Sticker Co. Funcenter Wheels


Austyn Gillette for The Skateboard Mag



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