Gabe Luna

Mag Minute

Portland's Gabe Luna shoots the moon in our latest Mag Minute. Front board to fakie manny?! Luna-tic.


Name: Gabe Luna  Age: 26  Stance: Regular  Born/Raised: Corbett/Portland Oregon  Ethnicity:  half mexican / half white  Siblings? Twin brother, older sister.  Interests/Hobbies: I pretty much just skateboard. Other than that I like to drink beer and watch the Blazer games.  Favorite video: Flip “Sorry”. Least favorite word: ‘we out here’.  Best time of day: Lunchtime  Worst time of day: Morning  What gets you hyped? Skating.  What bums you out? Scooters.  A useless talent you have: Balancing a skateboard on my foot. Your biggest vice: Drinking beer.  Favorite curse word: Silly ass bitch.  Favorite trick to do: Nollie Flip. Favorite trick to watch: Frontside Flip.  The moment you knew you were a skateboarder: When I was 10, a kid at school gave me and my brother a hand me down board to share.  If not skateboarding - what profession would you like to attempt? Still trying to figure that out. Best book you ever read: I haven't read many books.  A place you want to go: I'd love to check out Spain or Australia.


Watch 'Dusted' in its entirety for more Gabe and the rest of the PNW squad.

Dusted is an independent skateboarding film out of Portland by Chris Varcadipane, Featuring: Mike Davis, Andrew Gray, Damon Carpenter, Tameron Eaglehorse, Carlos Hernandez, David Gravette, Eric Denier, Gabe Luna, Ben Raybourn, Chandler Dixson, Nick Peterson, and many more!


Austyn Gillette for The Skateboard Mag



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