Christian Dufrene

Mag Minute

Name: Christian Dufrene  Stance: Regular  Born/Raised: Lafayette, Louisiana  Ethnicity/Family Heritage: White  Siblings? 2 older sisters.  Interests/Hobbies: Skateboarding, Soundcloud, Snapchat, Instagram  Favorite skater: Gustav Tonnesen  Photographer: Jake Darwen  Filmer or video: The Sour Solution  Word: Brute  Sound or noise: Power sliding.  Curse word: Shit.  Trick to do: Nollie heelflip.  Trick to watch: Kickflip crook.  Best book you ever read: Books are bops.  Best time of day: When I bite my shit.  Worst time of day: When I bite my shit.  What gets you hyped? Music, skate videos.  What bums you out? Getting stuck at Cherry.  A useless talent you have: Lurking Instagram for hours. Biggest vice: Laughing when people buckle.  If not skateboarding - what profession would you like to attempt? Working within the skate industry.  What profession would you not like to attempt? Teacher.  A place you want to go: Barcelona.  The moment you knew you were a skateboarder: The first time I stepped on a board.