Chris Pierre

Mag Minute

Chris Pierre is a young ripper out of Sleepy Hollow, New York, with quite the trick selection. He brought his skills out to the West Coast and came through with a heavy Mag Minute. You will be seeing a lot more of Chris Pierre in the future regardless of which coast you’re on. —Tim Cisilino



“The moment I landed my first kickflip it changed my life.”



Name: Chris Pierre  Age: 19  Born/Raised: Sleepy Hollow, NY  Ethnicity: Hispanic  Siblings: 2 older sisters  Interests/Hobbies: People watching and…  Favorite skater: Shane O'Neill  Favorite photographer: Brandon Alton  Favorite filmer: Evan McCormick Favorite word: Facts Least favorite word: No  Best time of day: That sunset breeze  Worst time of day: Waking up in the morning  What gets you hyped? Hood-ass rap music  What bums you out? When someone tells me how to skate  A useless talent you have: Taking your girl haha Favorite sound or noise: Ocean crashing late at night, never can go wrong with that.  Favorite curse word: Dumbass  Trick to do: Switch Tre  Trick to watch: Shane O'Neill bigspin salad fakie tre out  If not skateboarding? Either inventing some type of thing or whippin' people in 2k because I'm 2kdagod!  What profession would you not like to attempt? Flying planes, that shit's scary  The moment you knew you were a skateboarder: The moment I landed my first kickflip it changed my life.  Best book you ever read: Shit, I don't know. I stopped reading haha  A place you want to go: Dubai 


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