Made To Skate

Elliot Sloan Ramp in Vista, California

Text: Dave Swift


A big part of skateboarding’s history stems from the backyard scene that had its beginnings at the end of the first skatepark era of the 70s and still continues today around the world. Whether you are building a vert or mini ramp, digging a concrete bowl, or just making a two foot tall quarterpipe you are creating a skateboard scene in your own personal space.


For our first installment of Made To Skate we stayed close to home and rolled the six or so miles to Vista, California to document the goings on over at Elliot Sloan’s 100 foot wide vert ramp.


Being a vertical-oriented skateboarder from New York City is more than tough when you want to skate every day, so Elliot moved to California in 2005 to pursue . . . well, riding a skateboard year round, I suppose. Landing in Vista as a seventeen year old with no sponsors—other than flow from Kevin Staab—he skated Bob’s, Tony Hawk’s, the Encinitas YMCA, and the DC/Monster Ramp until he found a house with substantial acreage for building his own dream ramp in 2012. Pierre-Luc Gagnon co-signed on the house and before you could say “heelflip Indy” the behemoth of a ramp was completed (with the help of funding from Rockstar Energy) and sessions began.


Elliot is now 26 years old, sponsored by Birdhouse, Thunder, Bones, Globe Shoes, Dakine, Triple 8, 187, Randoms, Mob Grip, Rockstar Energy, and has a backyard skate scene that any skateboarder would die for—yeah, we’re jealous. And to top it off, you get to skate with rippers such as PLG, Alex Perelson, Jimmy Wilkins, Rich and Sanford Lopez, Sam Beckett, Danny Mayer, and Paul-Luc Ronchetti, to name only a few of the regulars.


This made-to-skate playground is proof that building your own skate spot on your property is more than worth the effort (and the cash). So don’t hesitate, make your backyard the place to be for skateboarding in your area.