Kevin Kowalski - Behind The Photo

Cover: TSM #145

A little while back The Mag headed up the I-5 on a transition mission with some of So Cal's youngest and gnarliest, meeting up with Kevin Kowalski in Oregon on his home turf near Lincoln City. After taking the win at the annual Sweet Sixteen Bowl Bash, the crew was invited to Kowalski's backyard skate haven. He mentioned wanting to ollie up to 50-50 stall on this high tree branch above the big banked wall in his compound. The next morning he was looking to back out of trying it because he wanted to save it for an event he was having at his house in a couple of weeks. After an hour of skating he was feeling good and decided to give it a try. He landed one several attempts later by pulling in off the branch but felt that it just wasn’t good enough. As Swift recalls, "he wanted to no grab and ollie back in." After a few slams and a bit of a battle he was rolling away with a big smile on his face.

Landing a cover was the furthest thing from Kevin's mind even as we talked weeks later. Kowalski's surprise and gratitude when Swift broke the news makes this one that much more special. 


Post Image: Brian Shamanski

Cover Photo: Swift


Get it all in issue #145 of The Mag and stay posted for the "Packed Van" video edits dropping later this month featuring Kevin Kowalski, Alan Young, Allysha Bergado, Chris Russell, Jimmy Wilkins, C.J. Collins, Alex Perelson, Brad McClain and more!