Alec Majerus - Mark Gonzales - Axel Cruysberghs

 The Skateboard Mag #148, cover:  Kyle Walker, boardslide. Las Vegas, Nevada. | Photo: Rodent


With adidas Skateboarding's Away Days and Volcom's Holy Stokes! premiering this month, the summer is kicking off with a full-length bang! And our coverage of these highly anticipated videos ensures that there will be plenty of eye candy to go around. The 32-page Holy Stokes! feature follows the team around the US on their two-month 2015 Wild In The Parks tour while filming for the video; Volcom's Axel Cruysberghs is featured as our latest "Arrival"; Alec Majerus, always impervious to pain, gets this issue's ProFile; Sem Rubio provides the photography for our Away Days feature, including a full interview with Sem; and Eric Koston interviews Mark Gonzales in a new feature, Face Time, complete with exclusive Gonz photos. Consider issue #148 your companion guide for the stoke.


 Dane Burman, frontside bluntslide. Charlotte, North Carolina. | Photo: Bart Jones


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