Full-Length Video By Bobby Bils

"Harbor" is a new full-length video by Bobby Bils that includes Tyson Peterson (from issue #149's Next New Wave feature) and some Floridians who know how to panhandle their biz: Deein Coats, Julian Lewis, Chris Roque, and Clint Beswick (and, in spirit, Riley Grubb and Michael Wolf, RIP). 


Filmed mostly around Orlando and Melbourne (the title is an homage to Melbourne's nickname, otherwise known as "The Harbor City"), each skater's part in "Harbor" is unique, showcasing their individual strengths: Tyson's knack for seemingly spontaneous body varials, waiting until the last possible millisecond to sex change (in both directions); Deein's literal take on fastplants, barely losing any momentum as he conquers crusty, crunchy, completely challenging tranny; even Bils gets his "intermission" with a mesmerizing mix of creativity that will remind you to keep saying "Why not?"


"Harbor" gives you an idea of why there have been so many incredible Florida rippers migrating to the California scene over the past few years. The state has become the stomping grounds for a new wave of skaters who are progressing at a different pace and bringing a wholly new perspective. The physical distance from the Southern California hub of the industry is clearly a benefit; the state may as well be an island.


Videos like "Harbor" (in the vein of Grant Yansura's "Cosmic Vomit" series, TJ Gaskilll's "Daylando," and Brad Cromer's "Lofi") help the rest of the world see that purity and independence are what really counts. It's not the heat, it's the humidity. And these guys have it in buckets.


See more of Tyson Peterson in our current issue, available now! 


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