Video Teaser

It's always rad to see a video from the Pacific Northwest. You can actually tell that there are seasons—leaves spread all over the ground, cloudy skies, mittens—and subconsciously you're semi-aware that everyone involved had to work twice as hard to get a clip in the less ideal climate. But the tradeoff is an amazing, verdant backdrop for equally amazing skating. Straight outta Portland's lush greenery comes Chris Varcadipane's full length, Dusted


Filmed by Chris Varcadipane, Dusted is an independent skateboarding film out of Portland by Chris Varcadipane, Featuring: Mike Davis, Andrew Gray, Damon Carpenter, Tameron Eaglehorse, Carlos Hernandez, David Gravette, Eric Denier, Gabe Luna, Ben Raybourn (you can check out his part here), Chandler Dixson, Nick Peterson, and many more!


Stay tuned to The Skateboard Mag over the next few weeks, we'll be posting full parts from Dusted