CURE: Ben Raybourn

Belmar's Bowl

Kelly Belmar’s bowl was built in a time when transition skating was done mainly on wooden ramps and the existence of concrete terrain was at an all-time low. During the 90s you could find homeowner Kelly Belmar, pool vets Duane, Hosoi, Grosso, Lance, Salba, Lucero and concrete upstarts like Remy Stratton, Omar Hassan, Chris Gentry, and Peter Hewitt cutting lines all over this gem. Yes, it was the only backyard made-to-skate bowl in existence at the time and getting a chance to skate it was a thing of dreams—even if you did have to use copers in the early days. When Ben Raybourn was given the go ahead to pick a spot to shoot his issue 139 Skateboard Mag cover, it was the first spot he asked Josh “Peacock” Henderson to line up since Ben’s a huge fan of old school transition skating. And Ben didn’t just want to skate it on a regulation setup either, he chose one of the many 80s shapes from Dave Swift’s personal collection and padded up to complete the theme. Epic.


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