"Country Weather" Coming Soon


Aleks Lewandowski's Country Weather video (featuring Torey Pudwill, Dennis Durrant, Mark Gutterman, and Jimmy Carlin) was filmed over the course of two years with no plan and no photographer, taking trips to some of the most isolated and majestic natural spots that the West Coast has to offer. These skaters were game to flex their adaptive muscles on something funky and totally different (tractors, wooden flatbars, and other non-spots). Everyone rose to the occasion in a way that Lewandowski hadn’t expected. As he puts it, “When you’re open to skating horrible stuff, everything kinda turns into a skate spot!”


The goal was to come back with beautiful images of skateboarding against the naturally occurring backdrop of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada range (to then be painted by skateboarding’s Van Gogh, Brian Lotti), reveling in the decidedly wild areas off of Highway 395 that wouldn’t show up in any photographer’s list of spots. 


We visited Brian in his studio to get some insight into how he views the creative process, and why it sometimes absolutely necessary to go forth without a plan (or without a timetable). "Art is subjective," Brian says. "That desire for perfection is almost unquenchable." 


Check out the rest of the "Country Weather" feature in issue #147. The Country Weather video is coming soon.