Contenders: Alex Schmidt



     If Gilbert Crockett, Raymond Molinar, and Danny Garcia all got together and had a baby, Alex Schmidt would be the result. From his style to his trick selection to his spots, Alex’s photos and video parts tend to be pretty unique and always rad. Not long ago he was just a kid on the come-up living in the Encinitas area, skating the sandy streets of Leucadia like they were the rugged downtown streets of a big city. Who would’ve thought that years later he’d be living in LA with Gilbert Crockett and making a name for himself in the skateboarding world? We’re stoked to present you with this Contenders featuring Alex Schmidt, and even more stoked to release his exclusive video part come Monday.

State your full name:
     Alexander Robert Schmidt.

What’s new with you?
     Not much. Just trying to wrap up this TSM project.

Give me a rundown of your daily routine.
     Well if I’m not doing returns for Marissa, then I’m usually skating every day.

You been shooting photos for sometime now. You think you’ll ever stop using automatic mode?
     If it’s really bright outside I’ll use automatic mode to play it safe. But otherwise, in tricky lighting, I’ll have it on shutter priority to let me know. Other than that I’d probably ask you some brain busters.

What type of photography do you like?
     Street photography is my favorite. I try to appreciate everything regardless of the camera used. I think taking photos is one of the most important things you can do.

What do you think of skateboarding videos these days?
     Quality over quantity. Everything is so rushed these days that there are a lot of videos coming out that suck—or are awesome—but regardless of both, they are forgotten about within a week or so. People need to put a full-length video out that they truly represent and care about. To me, that’s the best way and most memorable.

Are you aware of circle jerks being somewhat rampant in Leucadia? What’s up with that?
     No comment.

You’ve been living in Los Angeles for a while now.  What are the best and worst things about LA?
     I’d say the best part is Echo Park. The worst part is traffic. It hurts the heart and makes people frustrated and angry.

Do you still have my Converse ad on your wall?
     (Laughing) It’s still in my room somewhere.

How’s living with Gilbert Crockett?
     Awesome. He’s a stubborn boy but I love him.

What’s the story with Echo Park punisher?
     It’s an inside joke between some friends. Nothing to be too concerned about, though. Don’t trip.

Can you shed some light on the whole Stereo situation?
     There were a lot of misunderstandings and lack of direction for a while. The company started to make changes that they thought were best and some dudes left because they didn’t agree. At the end of the day it’s not my company to run so it’s not my choice. Stereo has a lot of potential to stand out how it did in the past, so nothing but the best for them.

I heard your brother busted Nyjah Huston for speeding in San Diego.
     Well, it was in Laguna Beach where he patrols. My brother knows a little bit about mainstream skateboarding with those contests or whatever and let Nyjah go the first time. Then he ended up taking away his fake ID a couple months later running into him at a liquor store trying to buy beer. Classic.

You been filming for any projects?
     I told myself after this project I’m gonna strictly try to film vx1000. I want footage to look a certain way, and I don’t have any major projects to film for that require HD footage. So either that, or I’m filming for The Boyz and Workin’ for the Weekend.