Best of Busenitz 3 up & 3rd

Classic Clips, Classic Spots


San Francisco is home to some of skateboarding's most famous spots and skaters, and it's quite possible nobody has left a bigger path of destruction in her streets than Dennis Busenitz. Over the years his video parts have featured him laying waste to every inch of the city at ridiculous speeds with uncanny skill, from the tops of the hills to the pier. Real skateboards just released an edit full of classic footage of Dennis ripping two of SF's most recognizeable spots—3 up, 3down and 3rd & Army—that's sure to remind you why he is undeniably one of the kings of the city.


 Whether battling the winds at 3rd & Army, or flying across the steps at 3 up, 3 down while avoiding the jagged brick wall that runs along the spot, Busenitz slays these memorable locales with power and style that would make even the most seasoned pros envious. San Francisco spots are notoriously harder to skate than they appear, so sit back and enjoy this edit, because achieving even a fraction of what he did at these spots could drive anyone insane with frustration. Well done Dennis, well done indeed.