Ben Campbell

Which Scotch-Irish Portlandian gives a big thumbs up to "Mind Field" and swipes right on beer? That's right: it's ex-rollerblader, Ben Campbell!


Name: Ben Campbell
Born/Raised: Portland, Oregon
Ethnicity/Family Heritage: Caucasian; Irish and Scottish.
Favorite Skater: Dylan Rieder (R.I.P.)
Favorite Photographer: Alex Souêtre 
Favorite Filmer/Video: Alien Workshop's Mind Field by Greg Hunt
Favorite Word: Does the thumbs up emoji count?
Least Favorite Word: Rent
Best Time of Day: Beer o'clock
What Gets You Hyped? Tinder matches… oh yeah and skateboarding! 
What Bums You Out? No más cerveza
A Useless Talent You Have: Skateboarding
Your Biggest Vice: Skateboarding
Favorite Sound or Noise: The internal cheering noise I make when I swipe my credit card and it goes through!
Curse Word: "Fuck It"
Trick To Do: Whatever is currently trending 
Trick to Watch: Grant Taylor
If not skateboarding - what profession would you like to attempt? American politics 
The Moment You Knew You Were a Skateboarder: The day I sacked a rail rollerblading.
Best Book You Ever Read: "Into the Wild"
A Place You Want To Go: Spain