Behind The Cover - Jason Jessee

Issue #153

The cover of issue 153 is one for the ages: a perfectly-timed capture of Jason Jessee (by photographer Jon Coulthard) in the midst of an all-too-familiar slam. That's right, we put a bail on the cover. It may look like Jason's just waxing the curb (while being levitated by a hovering spaceship's tractor beam), but it's a bail. It's a thing of beauty—and it's something that we can all relate to. Like Jessee says, "Every skateboarder knows: that's what it is right there." 
The Mag caught up with Jason Jessee on the phone to find out what he thought of the cover after getting it into his hands:





“I just prefer falling in general cause that’s the only way to feel alive.” An appropriate response from Jason Jessee to the question of what he prefers falling on more: street or tranny. The Watsonville, California resident did his fair share of both during his One Day in Skateboarding mission on July 9, 2016.

“It’s like throwing sacks of sand and meat off a two-story building. That’s how I fall. I’ve fallen like that my whole life,” Jessee said. “And we’re so good at it as skaters," he added, lamenting on the out-of-body experience of one day overseeing his own autopsy and hearing the doctors marvel over his ‘shitty, fused together’ carcass.


You might think he’d feel indifferent about being broadcast in this way, but the 45-year-old skate vet wears it proudly. Second only to the pride he holds for Watsonville, its locals, the surf (he claims to be the only one who uses), and the annual Strawberry Festival. We can’t forget to mention The Strawberry Festival.


And while the cover for issue 153 is a salute to skaters everywhere, it’s specifically dedicated to the ones like the dude in the dress-shoes who wasted no time getting in on the session. And to Chris Haslam who was the one who originally showed this curb to J. Jessee. Don’t worry Chris, Jason’s going back tonight to re-wax it after stripping it off with his chest.


See the glorious cover footage in this video, featuring Jessee and Coulthard, shot on July 9.  Issue 153, "One Day In Skateboarding," is available now.


Austyn Gillette for The Skateboard Mag



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