Awaysted premiere photos

DLX Skateshop, SF

Copy of the vid, hand folded and stapled zine inside


Do cameras get "Awaysted"? Let Zane Timpson take you on a tour through DLX Skateshop in S.F. from Saturday's premiere.


"Westernworld is a clothing company. But more than that we’re a group of homies who ride skateboards together. We grew up in different parts of the country, yet somehow all linked up in San Francisco at the same time with the same mentality. We love to go away—go on skate trips. New places, new schpots, new parks whenever we can. Awaysted is the mindset that you’ll find yourself in after being on the road for so long, slamming all day, sleeping outside or on a floor, coffee and advil for breakfast, and doing it all over again. Awaysted is detaching yourself from reality and getting it while you can!

So, with that said: we made a skate video. Features full parts from Kayl Johnson, Elijah Akerley, Adam Anorga, Hayden Estrada, Zane Timpson, and Pablo Spliff. DLX in San Francisco was kind enough to let us premier the video at their skateshop and as the kids say nowadays, it was “lit”. Tadashi Yamaoda captured the madness."



 Here’s Elijah and his lady Renette, tattoo queen of SF


 Elijah Akerley, and Kayl Johnson—remember both of these names, you’ll be seeing more of them soon


 BERGLER, always a pleasure to see this dude, here he is happy as can be. Probably just front boarded down a mountain


 We turned Pablo Spliff pro because he deserves it. Some people make art, he doesn’t have to. The way he lives is art.


Westernworld is already destroying the minds of future generations, no front teeth necessary


Some girls think skateboarding is cool. Though, they were probably bummed Sheckler didn’t show up  


 Aaron holding it down for the dirty south


 Adam and I made the skateboard video




So stoked that people made it out to watch the dumb things we do on skateboards, thanks to everyone who made this happen!



Austyn Gillette for The Skateboard Mag



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