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Atlanta Black Blocks Petition


In Atlanta, Georgia, on the corner of Baker St. and Piedmont Ave., is a spot full of over twenty years of rich skate history. The famed "Black Blocks" is a legendary "bust-free" destination for crews of skaters across the world. Videos like Krooked Kronichles and Menikmati (and many, many more) were shot there. The painted ground and buttery ledges and benches made this a perfect place for skaters to get together. But this all might be changing very soon.


Yesterday, "Black Blocks" was fenced up. It was later discovered that the city is planning to skatestop this unique spot. But there's a way to save it, and it'll only take a few minutes of your time. Go to, sign the petition and get involved in the global community for skatespot preservation.


Even if you don't live in Atlanta, you surely know the pain of being restricted from skating your favorite spot (for whatever reason). This is your chance to participate and be reminded of how good it feels to support skateboarding in every possible way.