The First Inside Look

Today, adidas Skateboarding presented the first peek behind the curtain of their "Away Days" video. Silas Baxter-Neal, Jack Fardell, Lucas Puig, Nakel Smith, and Tyshawn Jones each offer their own personal takes on the struggles of filming. Getting that perfect clip may be hard, but these stripes don't run.


The adidas team traveled to more than 90 cities to film for this major video project, their first official full-length. The global premiere dates are just around the corner:


Los Angeles – May 12

New York City – May 14

London – May 17

Tokyo – May 20

Sao Paulo – May 20


To commemorate the release of Away Days, adidas is distributing an exclusive, limited-edition poster featuring the team to skate shops around the world:


adidas away days poster


For more info on Away Days, visit the adidas Skateboarding site!