Abbas Glass

The LIVIN Video

Abbas Glass has one of those rhythmic names that tends to get stuck in your head. The balance of the double-B in "Abbas," the double-S in "Glass," and the "G" posted up in the middle holding it all down. His part in Ryan Perea's independent video, "LIVIN," is a lot like his name that way. Abbas gives you twice as much as you bargained for with glassy smooth double flip variations, and he holds it down like a G.


All week we'll be posting parts from "LIVIN," stay tuned. "LIVIN" also features skating by Jonathan Yanez, Sergio Santos, Johnny Sevillano, James Juarez, Phillip Elizalde, Abbas Glass, Phillip Elizalde, Koki Kasai, Brent Strittmater, and Anthony Vega. Order your copy on DVD today.



Austyn Gillette for The Skateboard Mag



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