Animal Chin Redux

The Original Bones Brigade - 30 years later

Originally published 03/02/15Grant Brittain tells the story of his famous "4 Inverts" photo shot 30 years ago at the Animal Chin ramp (1986). 

Featured in the upcoming issue of The Mag (#154, releasing November 8), "Animal Chin Redux" is two full spreads of the legendary quad-inverts, then and now—at a combined average of of 50 years old. 


Animal Chin then and now

Left to Right: Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, and Tony Hawk (1986 and 2016) | Photos: Grant Brittain


Check out the full story of this epic redux and stay posted for more relics from the session soon to be announced on


Austyn Gillette for The Skateboard Mag



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