Year's Best Am / Twenty-Fifteen

Mason Silva

Mason is in the Class of 2015. That’s right: in a packed year that includes joining the Element and Nike SB teams, officially becoming a world traveler (Barcelona and Brazil were his first foreign forays), and even getting a few tricks in Koston’s Chronicles part, Mason somehow found the time to join another elite squad: high school graduates. Not many people can say that. It was a very good year.

This graduate turned heads with his unconventional tricks and powerful style. He’s a practiced surfer with a way of fluidly cruising into and out of tricks that is very easy to appreciate. With his priorities straight and a strong work ethic, Mason is a textbook example of how to succeed in skateboarding. We can’t wait for him to school us again in 2016.


Filmed/Ediited by Mark Stewart

additional filming: Ryan Lee, Jason Hernandez, Dave Hoang, Ant Travis, Don Luong, James Messina, John Note, TJ Gaskill