Vans Pool Party 2014 Highlights

05.19.14 – The Skateboard Mag

Hungry young bucks and seasoned skateboarding vets gathered over the weekend for the 2014 Vans Pool Party in Orange, California, to skate the legendary Combi bowl. Congratulations to Tristan Rennie for taking the cake and cheers to everyone else who was involved. Check below for some photos from the weekend. Photos: Dave Swift

What’s a Combi event without the original Badlander, Steve Alba? Slob air in the round by a recovering Salba makes everyone feel good.

Year after year Jeff Grosso is a fan favorite and almost always finds a place in the finals. This year Jeff did judo airs and a lot of other solid moves into a second-place finish—his highest in ten years.

Rune Glifberg has also won the Pool Party a few times, but didn’t make the finals this time. Heeflip frontside airs and a grip of other solid moves were enough for top five in years past. My how things have changed.

The biggest surprise of the day was that Pedro Barros didn’t make it into the pro finals. The way he skates makes that nearly an impossibility, but falls in his runs kept his scores low. Tailgrab nosegrind off the square hip.

Anyone who witnesses the skating of Alex Perelson has to wonder why he’s not in the top five of any contest he enters. Dude is just that good, but he generally taps out when the finish line is in sight. This monster heelflip varial lien in the semi finals just wasn’t enough to get AP to the next level.

This guy fucking rips! Jimmy Wilkins spins an indy 540 across the flat wall, but somehow didn’t find his way into the finals. There’s always next year. Or is there?

There are dudes who wear pads and dudes who don’t. Charlie Blair falls into the latter category and has no fear of launching high Madonnas in the square.

In the Masters division, Darren Navarrette found the finals with tail-bone backside airs and a variety of other Vertical Vampire styled moves.

Local boy Josh Borden rips the shit out of this bowl, and like most years at the Pool Party, Josh found his way into the finals. High speed backside Smith grind into and around the corner.

Tom Schaar tosses a hefty stale around the square corner.

You gotta beat this guy if you want to be number one in the Legends category at the Pool Party. Chris Miller ollies into the corner with all the style and speed you’d expect.

Born and raised Badlander and the best skater in the entire event, Tristan Rennie delivered the goods on every single wall of the Combi Bowl. His runs got better each and every time his name was called and when time ran out everyone knew he was the 2014 Pool Party winner. Tristan frontside feebles around the square corner like it was nothing.

2014 Vans Pool Party Results:

1. Tristan Rennie
2. Joshua Rodriguez
3. Cory Juneau

1. Bruno Passos
2. Brian Patch
3. Darren Navarrette

1. Chris Miller
2. Jeff Grosso
3. Christian Hosoi