The LB Project

05.05.14 – Templeton Elliott

The LB Project is a six city art show happening in Europe starting this June featuring Michael Sieben, Jeremyville, Todd Bratrud, Jeremy Fish, and others which will benefit Skateistan. Click through for more details.

The LB project has been created to Unite the European Skateboard scene through art shows in Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and London.
A year (June 2014 / June 2015) where artists, skateshops, media and brands will unite to make skateboard and art accessible to all.

Through this project we will support Skateistan by donating half of the artworks presented during the exhibition (27 unique artworks).

The other half will be given to all the users ( Indeed, people have the opportunity to register freely on the website to get a chance to win 27 from the 54 unique skateboards.

The artists :

Michael Sieben, Jeremyville, Todd Bratrud, Jeremy Fish, Funeral French, Kid Creature, Chad Eaton, Mark Foster, Mike Kershnar, BB Bastidas, Lucas Beaufort