Red Bull Skate Generation This Sunday

04.02.14 – Templeton Elliott

Red Bull Skateboarding is hosting Red Bull Skate Generation at Pedro Barros’ backyard bowl in Florianópolis, Brazil. The contest will be streaming live on Sunday. Click through for the teaser and all the info.

This Sunday, April 6, we will be coming live from the Brazilian island paradise of Florianópolis, where Pedro Barros will once again be hosting Red Bull Skate Generation.

The now-legendary backyard bowl contest will host three days of Amateur, Professional, Professional Masters and Legend category events, with Sunday handed over to a jam format and the top six riders from each category in the mix for one explosive team session.

Join us right on the coping alongside Rune Glifberg, Omar Hassan, Christian Hosoi, Jeff Grosso, Sandro Dias, Alex Sorgente, Cory Juneau, Vincent Matheron, Keegan Palmer, Allan Resende, Matheus Guerreiro, Roberto Formiga, Leonardo Nonohay, Rony Gomes and of course Pedro himself for what promises to be a Sunday like no other.