Damn Am 2014 Recap

04.15.14 – The Skateboard Mag

Axel Cruysberghs took top honors at this past weekend’s Damn Am in Costa Mesa while Frankie Villani took out the Best Trick contest. Click through for our recap with photos by friend of The Mag, Kevin Booker.

This is how Axel Cruysberghs won.

1. Axel Cruysberghs
2. Tyson Bowerbank
3. Anthony Anaya
4. Jamie Foy
5. Dalton Dern
6. Anthony Estrada
7. Frankie Villani
8. Brendan Villanueva
9. Chase Webb
10. Jonathan Henderson

AlexCruysberghsAlex Cruysberghs was mashing through the course all weekend. His lines were steady, trick-after-trick consistency. Fast and mean, a frontside hurricane ensues.

FrankyVillaniFranky Villani was most definitely the Damn Am crowd pleaser. All smiles, all skate, all damn weekend. No surprise, he landed the Destroyer Of The Weekend award on top of Best Trick, throwing down an insane backside big spin Bennett Grind 180. He was humbled by the love and support and held it down for the local 714.


TaylorMcclungTaylor McClung was a fun one to watch throughout the weekend’s qualifiers. He jammed to his song of choice while skating his runs. Keeping it fun and classy is what skateboarding is about. Nollie backside flips for days.

mezaTSMOscar Meza was in it to win it before catching a board to the ankle. All weekend he was quiet, calm, and determined — taking the bubba for a date and leaving her before he finished the meal. Smith 180s, Smith switch crook … you name it, he did it.

top3It was a long weekend with a lot of amazing shred, hard slams, and good laughs. Congrats to the top three and thanks to all for a great show. Next stop for them is Tampa Am, so keep your eyes open. These guys are going places! All in all, if it were up to me, everyone would win first place, because everyone absolutely put their blood sweat and tears into it. Over and out. —KB