Tampa Am/Damn Am 2013 Recap

12.30.13 – Brian Blakely

In case you didn’t see it on the SPoT blog, click through for the full list of awards from this year’s Damn Am contest, along with a video/photo recap from Tampa Am. Better late than never, right?

Damn Am Awards:
EurOkay: Axel Cruysberghs
Little Big Man: Alex Midler
Pro Before You Know: Youness Amrani
Most Improved: Tyson Bowerbank
Damn Am Misses You: Anthony Anaya
Came Out Of Nowhere: Tristan Funkhouser, Dylan Williams
BraziliAm: Adriano Lachovski
Best Attitude: Blake Johnson
Most Dedicated Shop: Pharmacy
Zumiez Destroyer of the Year: Trevor Colden
Damn Am of the Year: Nassim Guammaz