Zero Cold War Premiere

11.10.13 – The Skateboard Mag

Friday was the unveiling of the highly anticipated Cold War video from the Zero camp. Our little buddy Jacob Messex headed down south and exposed some frames of black and white, printed them, tossed them in a closet for 50 years, and turned them in to the Mag for you to enjoy.

The place was packed. Did you think it wouldn’t be?

Lannie and Tommy consulted each other on what conditioner gives you the most volume.

Cole gets World’s Bested before the video starts.

Tom K with the only haircut on the team.

Kyle Walker and David Loy say fuck each other, apparently.

Jamie had to seek refuge from fans of all sizes.

Ishod is tired from a year of straight partying, while Erica steals his photo glory.

All the Zero banners in the warehouse couldn’t cover up the distress on the walls of the La Paloma.

Team meeting on the stage of past and present Zero riders.

Congratulations were payed to the directors of photography, as well.

Even Lopez ended up in the video!

“What year were you on?”  “Oh, no. I just filmed.”

Chief makes the call to start the damn thing.

After the video finished, Jamie enjoyed a much needed and well deserved smile.

Mr. Allan, Mrs. Allan, and Mr. New Mexico were all mind melted.

Louie and Louie were both speechless, which is common for one and not for the other.

The kids loved it!

Then the mist rolled in and everyone stumbled across the street to the party of a lifetime. Thanks for another great video, boys!