Lotti + Watson At The Kayo Store Photo Recap

11.25.13 – Jacob Messex

I headed over to the Kayo store on Fairfax in Hollywood last Friday night to check out the Brian Lotti and Karl Watson art show. Some amazing work was put on display and everyone in attendanceĀ got to see some radical new board graphics from Organika.

Kayo’s new store has quite the gallery upstairs.

Brian Lotti greets the guests at the entrance.

Some paintings by Brian were for sale on the wall. Great stuff, Brian!

Robbie Russo melon grab over the spine. Photo by Rob O’Connell and painted by Lotti.

Live music by the Adam Topol Quartet really got things jazzed up!

Salman Agah and Walker Ryan enjoy some good times.

Jordyclot and Shmatty Chaffin broing down as kids call it.

Fairfax locals Sean Pablo and Nico Chiat stand with friend Sage Elsesser painted above them.

Aleks Lewandowski and Derek Fukuhara stopped by to enjoy some jazz and fine art.

Tom Remillard became one with the peices on display.

Chany Jeanguenin, Karl Watson, Salman, Brian, and Kelly Hart say goodbye and thank everyone for coming out!