5th Annual Toy Machine Halloween Demo At Active

11.01.13 – Jacob Messex

Last night I went to the Active headquarters for the 5th Annual Toy Machine Halloween Demo. Check out some ghostly shredding and hilarious polaroids¬†from this all-skate All Hallows’ eve.

Scan 13
Johnny Layton and babe.

Johnny. Backside noseblunt.

Heath Kirchart. Whoops. I mean Leo Romero. Kickflip back tail.

Ryan Spencer. Hurricane.

Scan 12
Ryan hates Halloween.

Collin Provost. Frontside wallride.

Scan 2
Collin and his dog, Chief.

Josh Harmony. Backside tailslide.

Jordan Taylor. Front blunt.

Jeremy Leabres. Frontside crooked grind.

Billy Marks. 360 flip noseslide.

Scan 9
Billy and a business minded Power Ranger.

Josh. Nosegrind 180 to jail.

The Tempster boardslides the flatbar.

Scan 8
Ed looking buff.

Jordan Taylor. Fakie five-0.

Jeremy. Frontside crook.

Scan 1
Jordan signed some Celtics basketballs.

Jordan. Frontside noseblunt.

Josh. Wallie.

Blake Carpenter. Switch heel.

Scan 7
Blake wishes he was a Backstreet Boy.

Jeremy. Backside 360.

Ryan Spencer. Smith grind.

Scan 10
Johan Stuckey and Ryan.

Josh. Style.

Johnny. Stand up five-0.

Scan 14
Blonde Ambition Mitchell was there.

Scan 6
Dan Lu signing autographs for the costume contest winners.