Shorty’s X Akomplice

10.04.13 – Templeton Elliott

Shorty’s and Akomplice teamed up on a crossword shirt using hyperlight ink to reveal words on the shirt in the sun. Click through for all the details and to find out how you could win big from Shortys and Akomplice.

This time we find the multifaceted Akomplice partnering with Shorty Skateboards. Akomplice did an update on the classic skate brand fold fuck you shirt. The original Shorty’s shirt was like a mad magazine where when you fold it together it said fuck you. Here we find Akomplice using their hyperlight ink, so when you walk out side the letters appear in the crossword puzzle that spell fuck you. The brand is know for always going the extra mile with their design so its no surprise the crossword puzzle is an actual crossword puzzle and the t-shirt comes with a co-branded sharpie. The crossword puzzle consists of questions that hold the history of the brands. On top of this nice touch they are doing a contest open to the public. First person to email the correct answers to the crossword will win $500 worth of goodies shown in the picture below. Tons of skate hardware and fresh clothes. Good luck. The collab releases this Thursday on the Akomplice webstore.