Dickies Northwest Tour

10.09.13 – Jacob Messex

I recently toured around with the Dickies Skate Team from Seattle, Washington, to San Fransicso, California. Here’s a glimpse into fifteen-hour car rides and a killer demo in Seattle!

provia 400 6
Let’s get this party started!

provia 400 15
Jon Sciano looking bad ass with the rest of the crew.

Kevin Terpening. Frontside tailslide from hell.

Tom Remillard gets tweaked with this melon over the hip.

provia 400 0
Tom and Dan Plunkett signing hammers at 35th North Skateshop.

provia 400 1
Tom and Stevie Perez keeping up with all the newest shit.

Jon doesn’t nosegrind often, but when he does he prefers pool coping.

Tom turned up the heat with this huge frontside thruster.

provia 400 12
Pat McLain gets an early morning start for our drive to SF.

provia 400 13
Kevin juicing up at 3rd and Army.

Tom Remillard Smith grinds for Morrissey.

Ronnie Sandoval with a stone cold ice plant.

provia 400 16
Kevin and Dan chilling in the hotel lobby.

Ronnie ollies into eleventh grade.

Vincent Alvarez frontside noseblunt slide.

provia 400 9
Jon caught up with the MythBusters legend.

provia 400 8
Done for the day.