The Boardr

09.12.13 – Templeton Elliott

Rob Meronek and Ryan Clements have a new thing called The Boardr. Click through for the press release to see what they are up to.


I know you couldn’t tell by my big exit, but when I quit my job at Skatepark of Tampa in early July this year, I was nervous, scared, worried, and all the other emotions that come with a big career decision like that. I’ve had all the best work and skateboarding years of my life at that place and I was walking away from it.

So, the day after my last day, I got straight to work on creating another job to continue the fulfilling work and good skateboard times.

I’m still nervous and scared that I will fall flat on my face. That part sucks. But, I’m also excited that I’ve been able to convince myself to put aside all the self doubt you face when you’re trying to start something new. Seth Godin calls it the “lizard brain”. Your lizard brain is constantly instilling fear and caution, preparing you to dart off and run from anything that’s intimidating or unfamiliar territory. Here’s to getting past that.

I joined forces with some of my favorite people who also parted ways with Skatepark of Tampa and we created a company called The Boardr. The team that made it all happen behind the scenes at SPoT all these years is back together and I couldn’t be happier. Clements, Porpe, and I have a lot of work to do to rebuild something amazing, but the hardest step, getting started, has just been taken. Find out more about The Boardr and the products and services we offer at

Thank you for the support over the past years. I plan to continue to earn it over the future years. See you around at the skateboard shindigs.