Arto Saari “Side Mission” photo show

09.06.13 – Jacob Messex

Last night we headed down to Arto Saari’s first solo exhibition SIDEMISSION. It’s the ¬†pinnacle of ‘pinny town’ in many photographer’s eyes. In his show he captures wild landscapes, rad shredding and legendary head shots. Peep the goods I shot in an Arto inspired black and white representation!

IMG_9683 copy
Arto Saari’s sidemission show at Icon gallery.

Arto’s loves to shoot pools! Here’s some of his finest shots.

IMG_9673 copy
Behind the scenes as Grant Brittain and Arto’s photo gets taken.

IMG_9678 copy
Cash Mathieu and Lucien Pajolec.

IMG_9666 copy
Arto with Rudy Hernandez and Ramon Valdez from Fine Art Solutions.

IMG_9662 copy

IMG_9661 copy
Pizzanista X Arto collab pizza box.

IMG_9649 copy
Insert legends here.

IMG_9645 copy

IMG_9642 copy

IMG_9635 copy

IMG_9626 copy

IMG_9617 copy
Drummer from Mattson 2, Jonathan Mattson.

IMG_9615 copy
Curren Caples and Louie Lopez

IMG_9613 copy
Tom Karangelov and Cristina Ledesma.

IMG_9609 copy
Steve Olson and Curren.

IMG_9607 copy
Lance Mountain and Guy Mariano.

IMG_9604 copy
Jared Mattson, Guitarist from Mattson 2

IMG_9596 copy
Spanky, @internetfamous, and Arto.