Malmo Ultrabowl Finals Recap

08.22.13 – Ed Dominick

Malmo, Sweden’s, Ultrabowl 5 featured some of the best skating seen in 2013. Skaters from all over the globe come to skate the contest every year, and there’s a truly rad local skate scene based around Stapelb├Ąddsparken Skatepark that helps make this contest even more fun for the skaters and exhibitors.

This year, first timer Chris Russell, along with Josh Borden, Willis Kimble, Fernando Bramsmark, Little Oski, and everyone else who made it to the semifinals were going full blast all day. But the weather was not cooperating and the rain came in the middle of the semi-heats. At that point, all the skaters agreed to take the semifinal scores as their final placings. Chris Russell took the win, Fernando Bramsmark was in second, and little Oski got third.