Van Doren Invitational Photo Recap

07.30.13 – The Skateboard Mag

Vans always puts on a good contest. This year they took over the US Open, built a concrete bowl on the beach in HB, and raised the the bar hecka high. Here are a grip of photos from an amazing weekend on the beach.

Acosta_USOpenTSMPhotos_028Ronnie Sandoval just keeps getting better and better. Straight outta Pedro to Huntington Beach via an overhead frontal invert. Proper! Photo: Acosta

BenHatchell_NG_AcostaSkating with a five-man heat of skaters has got to be scary, but the pros at the Van Doren Invitational took it all in stride. Ben Hatchell avoided collisions with tricks like this lengthy nosegrind on his way to victory. Photo: Acosta

BenRay_WoolyMam_Swift copy
The biggest-bag-of-tricks award goes out to Ben Raybourne–this wooly mammoth on the smaller extension was one of dozens. Photo: Swift

BradMClain_BAir_Swift copyBrad McClain’s mix of technical lip mastery and lofty airs put him in the finals. Big air in the deep end. Photo: Swift

Charlie_Penis Plant_Acosta
Mad Dog Henderson gets kicked in the package by Charlie Blair during a beanplant to fakie. Photo: Acosta

Curran_FSAir_Swift copy
One of these days, Curren Caples is gonna win in Huntington Beach—it’s his destiny. Going big over the hip was one of his more basic (but oh so stylish) moves. Photo: Swift

Grayson_1Foot_Swift copy
The crowd went nuts for Greyson Fletcher every time he dropped in to the mayhem. Wait, he was a big part of the mayhem. Gigantor one-footer over the hip seconds before taking one of many burly falls. Didn’t seem like anything could stop him. Photo: Swift

Grayson_FSFeeb_Swift copy
Mach 10 ollie to frontside feeble from bowl to bowl was just a sample of Greyson Fletcher’s on-edge tactics. Photo: Swift

Grayson_Smashitup_Swift copyGreyson Fletcher, down but definitely not out. Photo: Swift

Gregson_StaleNG_Swift copy
Irvine’s own Chris Gregson was killing it all weekend with so many moves on so many different sections of the bowl. Stalefish nosegrind was but one of so many great moves. Photo: Swift

Hosoi_Air_Swift copyWhat’s a bowl contest in Southern California without Christian Hosoi? Not good at all. Backside transfer with all the style you’d expect. Photo: Swift

Hosoi_VanDNFletch_Swift copy
Photo op. Christian Hosoi, Steve Van Doren, and Nathan Fletcher. Photo: Swift

Jaws_CardielTransfer_AcostaAaron “Jaws” Homoki going cash for tricks over the Cardiel gap. Photo: Acosta

Pedro_FSFlip_Swift copy
Pedro Barros made it into the finals but ended up getting hurt and sitting it out. Practice-time frontside flip over the hip. Photo: Swift

Raven_BackOllie_Swift copy
Here’s an example of the type of board control Raven Tershy is capable of. He’d twist up his backside ollies with so much finesse it was practically unbelievable—truly amazing. Photo: Swift

Raven_NGOverHip_Swift copy
Raven Tershy, hip transfer nosegrind into the deep end with miles of style. Photo: Swift

RaneyBeres_SlobFast_Swift copy
Texas is the reason Raney Beres ain’t afraid to step it up. Slob fastplant in the deep bowl. Photo: Swift

TNT_SlobAir_Swift copy
You can believe that Tony Trujillo was killing it in the finals. Photo: Swift