Musique Concrète vs Skateboarding

07.10.13 – Templeton Elliott

Nicolas Malinowsky reworks the sounds of skateboarding with Tony Ferguson’s Virtual Reality rap into a song and music video. Click through to watch the video and read more about the project.

“The idea behind this song was to create an audiovisual ‘musique concrete’ piece with the sounds of skateboarding. Skateboarding from a sound design perspective is interesting because it turns the skateboard into a musical instrument. I asked videographer Pacôme Gabrillagues and skateboarder Hugo Maillard to do and shoot skateboarding tricks that would be as diverse-sounding as possible in the course of one night. I used the footage to create a 1-min audiovisual raw edit with video-samples chopped and screwed directly in Ableton Live. The result was pretty cool and served as the introduction to the video part from the Rennes team in the MEGAMIX skateboard video (2012). The project then took on a new direction when Orgasmic and Teki Latex of the Sound Pellegrino label asked me to rework the song and video into a longer club edit. This is the finished visual sound.”—Nicolas Malinowsky

Nicolas Malinowsky, skateboarder for 20 years, co-founder of the French cult magazine CHILL and member of the creative collective Ill-Studio is releasing his first single and video on the Parisian label Sound Pellegrino, whose visual identity he’s been overseeing since the very beginning, as part of the label’s first collective album.